No Password for Lock button on Keypad

I just received my Wyze Lock Keypad and Love it! One feature that would make it even better is to have a setting in the Lock Settings (enable/disable) that allows you to press the Lock button on the Keypad without entering the pin code to lock the door on your way out.

I know there currently is an auto-lock feature on the lock but we are in and out so much that it would become a huge hassle unlocking the door every time we went out for a minute. I never used the feature before because I know my wife would go out to feed the cats or something and get locked out. That would be a bad day for me!

Thanks for you consideration!

The wyze keypad makes you enter your code before locking? That’s silly. The August lock and keypad that wyze copied doesn’t require that. I have the August lock and keypad and they’ve been great so far. The wyze version appears to be a direct clone of the August

Pressing the lock button on mine, locks it without the pin, as it should.

One Click Lock
With Wyze Lock Keypad (not included), locking the door is as simple as clicking one button. Or you can always lock via the Wyze app.

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Double press worked! Thanks, issue resolved! Actually a single press works as well. I don’t think it did yesterday.

Thanks the the help!