Can, or do, Wyze Locks have a one button lock feature on keypad?

I have the Wyze Lock paired with the keypad – but this feature can also apply to Wyze Lock Bolt… Is there a way to lock the Wyze Lock (Bolt) with a simple press on the ‘Lock’ button on the keypad? Unlock should remain passcode or app-driven.

I understand that I can shorten the auto-lock delay to “At once,” which is the setting that I currently use… but this gets inconvenient and tedious when I am doing work around the yard or garage, going in and out of the house, having to enter a code, or reach for my phone each time.

Alternatively, extending the auto-lock delay, unfortunately, comes with other issues… When I do leave home, I want to know that the door is locked. Trusting that the auto-lock will work, after I’ve left, without jamming minutes later, will only stress me out. Which only leaves me back to using a full passcode or phone to lock up.

Both the silver original Wyze lock keypad and the black Lock Bolt keypad have a lock button that locks them with a single press:



@carverofchoice You are so correct! I don’t know why it didn’t work for me the first time I tried it. Of course, Murphy’s law, it now does exactly what I’d hoped for after you pointed it out. Thank you.

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Gotta love technology. Happens to my wife and daughter all the time too…they’ll tell me something isn’t working, and the minute I come to help fix it, it’s suddenly magically working fine. :rofl:

I’m glad it’s working for you :+1:

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