One keypad for two Wyze Locks?

Is it possible to connect one keypad to two Wyze Locks and unlock both of them? I have two doors next to each other and would prefer to unlock them with only one keypad.

Hello @rcalecomte and welcome to the community.

Currently one keypad can only control one lock. There is however a #wishlist item for this can you can vote for it also.


I love this idea. I’d also like codes on the keypad assigned to subroutines. This keypad has the ability to be a HUGE feature with a little bit of programming. Who do we need to talk to?? :slight_smile:

Just go to @WyzeJasonJ’s link and vote for it. :slight_smile:

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I JUST figured out a solution for this! Just create a rule in the wyze app. Set the rule to trigger when your first lock unlocks. Then, create an action to unlock the second lock.