Multiple Wyze Locks and keypads?

If I get 2 or more Wyze Locks, do I use just 1 of the plug-in gateways in a central location of the home, or will I need to plug in all the gateways and place them as close to each lock as possible? I’m also curious if I get 2 keypads, can each keypad to open any of my 2 or more Wyze locks (with a different PIN code for each lock)?

If the doors are close enough to each other you can possibly get away with one gateway, that is what I do, however each keypad can only connect to one lock so for 2 locks you will need 2 keypads


As a side note…
the multiple keypads should be added to the FAQ page


Bummer :pensive:

So for my security door and main door i need 2 keypads? Again, I think i’ll wait for the v2 of the locks. I’m realizing that Wyze puts out the v1 of a product for mass testing and then the v2 comes out shortly after , with all the stuff the v1 should have had in the 1st place.