Home Monitoring plan

When I try to register my home monitoring kit you what me to purchase the home monitoring plan when I already have. What gives

That thread explains it. You were supposed to get an email with the activation code, but for some reason lots of those emails didn’t go out. You need Support to get the code for you (I’m chatting with support for mine right now as I type this).

EDIT: Support just told me that it can take up to a week after delivery to get the emailed code, and told me to wait a week and then contact them if I still don’t have it).

I did get the code and used it it stills wants me to buy it again or will not register kit

I hope it’s not a bug for you, but while registering it did seem as though it was going to be a charge to me but was almost like an instant rebate which nullified the price and added the service to my account.

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I was just thinking the same thing I’ll try it again

What app version are you using? And iOS or Android?

got it took care of they auto give you a refund

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