App won’t recognize home monitoring system

I bought a system plus the home monitoring year subscription on the Wyze website (NOT the app). When I try to set it up on the app, it tells me I don’t have a home monitoring subscription. I have been back and forth with Wyze support for 5 days now. I am signed in with/using the same email, I tried all their suggestions, and it still tells me I don’t have a subscription. Has anyone else experienced this?

No, when I signed up, they sent a code for me to use. Not sure if that has changed. However, have to gone to the Account Menu, Services, then scroll over (Top Row of names) to Home Monitoring and see if your Service is listed in the App?

It say “you don’t have home monitoring service yet” and there is a button that says “I already have a bundle” but it asks for a code, which I never received.

The code is sent via email. It may be in your spam folder or you may have deleted it. Did you tell support that you didn’t receive the code?

I received an email, but it did not contain a code. I checked my spam too. I did notify support that I didn’t receive it. They are now telling me that this is a known issue, and that they’re working on it. I don’t mind being patient, but it is really a bummer that it’s been this long and there is still no answer or solution and I haven’t been able to set up my system.

Still waiting. 2072184 is my ticket number if it helps, although based on some of the recent posts about Wyze customer service, I don’t think this issue will be resolved anytime soon. $200 down the drain I guess, since the functionality of the products is very limited without the monitoring service.

I’m going through the same issue… bought the expensive home monitoring bundle. Never received a code through email. Support can’t seem to help me…

Did you get it resolved?