Home Monitoring - Missing Activation Code

Like many others, I have not received the activation code for my home monitoring kit. The kit showed up yesterday and I have not been able to get in touch with anyone in support.

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This is primarily a user forum, it’s not constantly monitored by Wyze support.
You should try calling Wyze Customer Support about this issue. If you experience long wait times, try calling again.
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Also, do you have a ticket number for this?

I have the same issue. I purchased the system in December of 2020 and it arrived this month. I can not find any activation code on emails or on the package. The website does not help. All I can do is order the system and pay monthly or yearly, but no support if you just need the code. I will try the phone number listed above, but not today. Exhausted from 2 hours searching for an answer on the web!

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Let me know how it goes!

I got my code, but my system is still with fedex.

It came from hello@wyze.com with the subject “Here’s your Wyze Home Monitoring activation code.” if that helps any.

Google filtered it as “promotional” so it didnt hit my main inbox.

Looks like they just pushed another email to everyone with their codes.

Same from address - subject is “Here’s how to set up your Wyze Home Monitoring system”

Thanks for the update. After nearly a half hour on the phone yesterday, still no resolution. They said they sent a code but emails never received. Confirmed emails, searched spam etc, never arrived. Waiting for supervisor to research and get back to me.

I had the same issue with never receiving my activation code. I contact Wyze support at (206) 339-9646 earlier today - I had no hold time at all (I guess I was lucky). They had me up an running in about 5 minutes. They actually added the Home Monitoring to my services for me while I was on the line. Probably one of the best customer support calls I have ever had with anyone.

That is good to hear. I am still waiting for an email response. Hopefully by the end of the day???

Also, I am having difficultly with the Home Monitoring activation code. I have called 206-339-9646 on 05/18/21 and 05/21/21 have yet to receive a response.

Matthew, ROCKS! Funny, but by the time I finished composing the above note, I received an email with the code. Wooo Hoooo.

I got the code but my router and the monitoring base are not connecting. This is endless. I am on my 3rd “wizard”. Every other Wyze item I have connected easily and works beautifully. I wish their service center had a live individual to just talk to!

I got the home monitoring system over 2 weeks ago but have been planning on painting for a while and the vhb tape would not be conducive to removal and reinstall. Finally figured out how to get a removable install by using the picture hanging strips they come in all different sizes. Finally got it all set up. No activation code! I was slightly frantic as I ordered the kit and extras before signing up for a account. Now I see many others have the same problem occurring. So will call on June 1st. Hopefully this will be fixed. Wyze was trying to sign me up for a monthly pay plan. Not yet!

When you ordered your home monitoring kit, what email did you use? The kit can’t be ordered without a subscription.

On the flip side Im now up to six emails from Wyze with my activation code.

The one that just came was a third “how come you havent activated yet” despite the fact that my system has been active for two weeks.

The same one that is on my account, [mod edit: personal info removed]

I would suggest removing your email, I was just wondering if it was the same one as your account.
When you bought the sensors and kit you should have had to purchase a monitoring subscription, did this happen?
If you purchased your kit before making an account you should still receive a code to that email. If you didn’t check out as a guest, your email and password for Wyze.com are the same for the Wyze app account.
The monitoring subscription starts as soon as you receive your code so I wouldn’t wait too long if you want to get the most out of it.

No it was not in email. I have used windows since 3.0 (useless DOS better) 3.1 was much better. I have an email address @msn.com, because I had a MSN branded dial up account before dsl was available where I live and cable internet was a dream. Not saying I can program or anything like that. If Wyze had SENT me an email I could find it. So unless it got lost before it hit my email account. Wyze never sent an email to me with an authorization code. The user writing on here that said they had gotten three emails should tell us all something. The rollout of Wyze home monitoring, hardware and service has not been without glitches. Also the apparent (to me) separation of Hardware and Sales from Services has seemed to cause a disconnect. When I was in the armed services a situation similar to this was called a SNAFU. It’s hard to tell from here outside whether it is partial or total. Judging from comments on the forum it certainly does exist. In the end I called the customer service number you posted. Talked with a pleasant CSR using the handle of Kristle. Everything was fixed shortly after my time on hold was over. Which is just another indication of teething pains as Wyze grows. You know the old saying: “Those who say they have never made a mistake…” Of course today with all of our whiz bang tools, mistakes or missteps no longer happen ;-).