Home monitoring core kit arrived

So I just received my home monitoring core kit but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate the service I got as far as it wanting me to enter some activation code but I do not have an activation code now what?

When I talked to support they told me it should be emailed to us within 1 week of delivery and told me to wait a week and if I still don’t have it, then contact them again.

You can still activate the hub and sensors and all that though. I even moved all my V1 sensors over to the hub, and it was so simple and quick and the hub has way better reception! I am impressed. Moving all my sensors didn’t even hurt my Automation Wyze rules at all, they all still worked great. I am very happy so far…just waiting on that code.

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Appreciate the heads up guess I’ll kick back and wait then

It wouldn’t hurt to post your order number in this thread also.

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Wait, so you are saying v1 sensors are compatible with v2 hub? I didn’t know that was possible. Now I am egarly waiting to get mine! Thanks for the info!

Yes! They will connect to the hub. They just don’t work with the HMS subscription, so they can’t be used to set of the alarm system, but they still work the same way they always have with rules and notifications, etc, only the hub has better reception. I used to have to use 2 bridges to cover the v1 sensors around my house (and some outside, such as my mail box) because some sensors wouldn’t reach a single bridge (no matter where I put it). Now the hub reaches EVERYWHERE.

I disconnected both bridges today (good riddance). Also, the hub still logs everything when power goes out since it’s got a battery backup. Yeah, I highly recommend switching the V1 sensors to the hub over the bridge. Should solve all the stupid required reboot issues that happens to the bridge occasionally too. I mean, those benefits alone make me excited for this system, and it was such a smooth transition. I even renamed some of the sensors as I set them back up onto the hub and the rules they had still stayed functional even with the new sensor name and hub. The rules must be linked to the MAC address of the sensor. I was very excited overall with how it all worked out using the new hub with old sensors, even if they can’t be used in the HMS tab or as official alarm units.

I set up a cool motion sensor rule in my office to turn the Wyze bulb on with motion and off when there’s been no motion for like 10 minutes. And a desk Lamp with a color bulb that flashes a different color (using Alexa) for x seconds depending on where a person was detected (front door, garage, back door, mail delivered sensor, etc), or different contact sensors. Such a cool silent alert about different things going on without having to look at my phone. Very fun stuff

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