Free 6 months monitoring Home Monitoring

I have bought from Walmart which says 6 months of free monitoring included
however I don’t find any activation code etc.
So what needs to be done to get free 6 months monitoring ?

Wyze Home Monitoring Home Security System Sense v2 Core Kit with Hub, Keypad, Motion, Entry Sensors (2), and 6 Months of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Included

According to the Support page, the code should be on the outside of the box somewhere:

If not, you can try calling Customer Support for more info:


I could not find info on box which says “Activation Code”.
On Box, I see two Bar Codes and there isn’t any other sticker etc.

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Interesting, that doesn’t seem like an ideal place to put a redeemable code…companies that have done similar things have had problems with people just stealing codes by looking at the outside of the box. I wonder if the code is removable (ie: a sticker?) and someone just stole the code off this box, or maybe it fell/peeled off? :man_shrugging: Has anyone else seen one of these Walmart codes? It would be interesting to know.

It is really cool that Walmart is starting to stock and sell more Wyze stuff though! I am excited about that.

I hope Support can work it out, maybe by checking the MAC or serial number or something. Worst case scenario I’m sure it can be replaced, or just have support substitute a new code or 6 month credit. I’m sure they’ll handle it one way or another. They’ve always been great with me.


I am unable to find any code on the box so I called wyze customer service, send them picture of box and now ticket is open with higher level and I was told I will get call back in next 24 hrs or so.
I agree that activation code should not be outside box.
Lets see what wyze support finds out.



I’m confident someone will take care of you one way or another. If you have any problems post in here again with what they said and your support ticket number.


Yea, who would put an activation code on the outside of the box lol

Wyze support was able to provide me activation code for 6 months .


Wow, impressive they handled this so quickly over a weekend. I thought it would take until Monday at least.

Thanks for the follow-up. It’s great to get positive closure for this!