Home monitoring notification errors

Not sure if there was a recent update or not, but when I set the monitoring to home last night I started receiving push notification for motion detection from cameras and motion sensors.

I did not change anything in the setting and I could turn these off either so I deleted the motion sensors, turned all cameras off and I continued to receive the notifications. I ended up disarming the monitoring.

Any help to turn off these new push notification would be helpful.

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There were two updates yesterday! The first update was on the server side and the way it now handles “Threat Alerts” with your designated Security Cams. This also may have affected the sensors you have designated in your Environment Settings \ Monitored Sensors. You should have received emails about this update:

The second change was an update to the Firmware which may have changed some settings.

To remove the Threat Alert notifications from the cams, go to Home Monitoring Settings → Security Cameras where you can change your list of 5 designated Security Cams and the type of Threat Alert each gets.


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I would need to know a little more about the push notifications you are getting and about the “recordings” for false motion alerts you describe.

If you have the cams set to be off in the app, and there are no rules set to turn them on, they should not be recording any events to the events tab nor should they be sending push notifications depending on your settings.

Please post back a screenshot of the push notification or the text that it used.

Are your two PanCams included as Security Cams in the HMS? Is the blue “Motion” symbol shown on this cam in the Home Monitoring Settings → Security Cams? Have you verified the cam notification settings in your Home Security Settings?

Thank you for the info, I followed your direction and it fixed the issue and I also located the email from Wyze and read it.
Thanks again

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Glad you found the solution and got it back to behaving again! :grin:

To be honest @NOLA, this is the first time I have ever come across notifications being sent when a cam is off let alone it being able to initiate that notification when it isn’t supposed to be uploading videos.

I have a feeling this isn’t related to the HMS though.

I am going to call in some markers and ask some experts to take a look at this to see if there is something glitching.

Hang tight! BRB

Did you by chance update the HMS Hub to the latest Beta Firmware that just launched?

What Firmware version is your HMS hub on?

I also saw something somewhere where they were updating how the HMS security cams work. I wonder if it is related to that in some way. Maybe in one of the new app updates? When did your app last update?

Are these notifications only happening when your HMS is armed? If so, I think it’s related to the HMS Security cam update.

Try this…

  • Go to the monitoring tab
  • Scroll down to Home Monitoring Settings and select that
  • Select Security Cameras
  • Click on one of the cameras causing excessive notifications
  • Deselect “Motion Detection” (but leave it on Person &/or Smoke/CO alarm if you want those)
  • Go back and repeat the previous 2 steps until you’ve set the security cameras how you want.

Now you should be good and should be getting excessive motion alerts while your HMS is armed. That is assuming you don’t want normal motion alerts, just Person alerts when it is armed.

Let me know if that resolved it.

Edit: I guess that doesn’t resolve the “Camera is unplugged” issue. :thinking: IDK what’s up with that. I guess send in a log and contact support? See if they can check into it? Or if you post the log here, we might be able to call a dev in to take a look.

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Let me tag @WyzeDesmond in here to see if he has any ideas or which kind of log might be helpful for him to try to see if they can figure out what might be going on for you. That is really weird. Desmond, what kind of logs should NOLA do for you here? Logs on the cameras? App? etc?

Something just isn’t making sense here.


Thanks for this notice. @NOLA could you please send me device logs for those “turned off” cameras that you are keeping receiving notifications. Thanks!


Yes, you found the good way to submit a log. Do those steps again and there it asks what category to choose, in your case you could pick connectivity issues since it has to do with cameras sending notifications when they are unplugged? or “Other” since it’s dealing with notifications from the cam…either way, then type a short description of the issue you’re experiencing (no need to be too detailed, since Desmond saw it all here…just good to have a good reference reminder in there) and hit submit. Then it will give you like a 6 digit number. This is the log reference number. Give that number to Desmond. If he needs a different kind of log after that, he can let you know. :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to do it for each camera having the issue. :+1:


I’ve never received Threat Alert notifications before the 11/16 update, nor after. Am I the only one? Is there a fix?

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You are not alone. I have never received them either like so many others. This update was supposed to have fixed it but it doesn’t look like it made much of a difference. I am hoping they keep trying too.