HMS - "Mode Switch Failed. Please try again" Error

My Wyze app version is v2.29.2(127) on Android, while the Wyze Sense Hub firmware version is v4.32.8.246.
I am having issues with “mode switch failed” error message coming up when trying to arm/disarm from the app. The system appears to attempt to change modes but just spins and spins then goes back to the disarmed mode. Force closing doesn’t solve the issue either. I also cannot arm it from the Wyze Sense keypad, which always tells me “incorrect PIN”
Any insight into what the problem could be?

As you have probably already found here in the forum, there are many who are still having ongoing issues with the HMS Sense Hub as a result of the last two Firmware updates.

My first course of action would be a soft reset. Unplug the hub from power so tells you it is running on battery and press the reset button until the lights flash. Let it go thru the setup protocol and light show, plug it back in and then wait for it to reconnect to all the sensors…give it ample time.

Then reopen the app and verify that the hub is connected, FW is correct, sensors are listed, tones are on, etc. Verify everything.

Place it in test mode and start arming and alarming everything. Document the issues so you can submit logs if it fails.

Not promising anything. I had to do this with mine after the update. Now, I don’t update it or touch it for fear it will puke.

It’s 2023 and this is currently happening to me. Any ways to fix it?? Wyze support suggestions are not working!

The firmware updates have helped to eradicate most of the issues that were occuring with hub connectivity. I haven’t heard of this issue for some time. What version of the firmware and app are you running?

What steps have you taken? Is the hub reporting as online?

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Reset it. Unplugged it. Yes it’s online and yes it’s up to date. My hub updates automatically which I’m starting to think is a mistake.

Hello, my HMS won’t switch modes. It just spins and says “mode switch failed. Please try again.” I have reset it, unplugged it. Yes it’s online and yes it’s up to date. My hub updates automatically which I’m starting to think is a mistake. Any ideas of how to fix it.

Do your sensors still change status between open and closed? And motion/clear?

When you say you reset it, can you elaborate on what kind of reset you mean? What exactly did you do that counts as a reset?

Does it fail to switch modes when using the keypad too? Or just the app?

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My sensors work and change status. Cannot switch modes and my keypad does nothing, it does not communicate with hub. I have held button 5 seconds to reset and I have deleted hub and started over. Still not working.

So you can still able to access the monitoring tab and access settings, etc?

Try this:

  • Unplug the hub from power.
  • Hold the reset button down for 30 seconds or so until it powers off. Leave it in this state for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug the power back in.

What did Support tell you when their troubleshooting didn’t work? Did they send it to tier 2 support and tell you to watch your email or anything? What was their conclusion or response?