Hmm... new button in camera's settings in the app? "Reset Services"

This morning I noticed a new button in the camera’s settings right under the Restart Camera button.

It’s labeled Reset Services and when you hit the “i” button for information it says

Tap “Reset Services” to:
Rebind to service to enable cloud video recording
Ensure accurate AI detection and notification settings

Is this brand new or has it been there a while and I just never noticed it?

I tried it on my V3 cams on which Pet detection has been broken for about a month now and it looks like it may have worked on one of them, got my first Pet detection in 3 or 4 weeks, but didn’t do anything for the other one.

I’ve noticed it as well. Still no answers.

It’s brand new with the 2.50 app.

It apparently does just what it says in the description from what some employees have indicated. It rebinds the camera to Cam Plus, refreshing the connection. Probably similar to if you went into the account tab and removed the camera from Cam plus then went and added it back on to force the server and AI to recognize the change.

My guess is that when people call in to support with cloud event and AI detection issues, this will be a standard troubleshooting action they request people to do. It is much simpler and quicker than other methods.

I spoke too soon. It did not fix the broken Pet detection on any of my V3s. Out of the two cameras I watch the most closely because they have the most dogs and coyotes pass by, one of them detected my dogs this morning but then went back to not identifying Pets at all.

The other cam which is where the coyotes always show up has yet to identify ANY dogs or coyotes. At least 7 dogs have passed by it today and it did not tag a single one.

So, as far as I’m concerned, for my purposes this Reset Services thing doesn’t do much.