Everything is completely screwed up. What happened?

I subscribe to cam plus unlimited. App behaves like I dont have it. I did the “reset services” on each camera thinking that would help.

All notifications and event recording got reset and I can’t select smart detections, only “record motion events”. Choosing smart detections like “person” causes it to say i need to subscribe to cam plus. I already paid the subscription and it says i have cam unlimited in “account”!

Cmon guys stop “fixing” things. Four years of aggravation!


Same here. This probably has something to do with the new monitoring tab go and take a look.

I have a strong feeling this was rolled out, without any consideration as to what would happen to users who had individually configured their cameras one by one.

Now there are literally two different places where you can configure notifications, and no clear way to tell which one is taking precedence. It’s insane


I raised similar issues in another thread but will add my concerns here as well. I did lose my Smart Detections on my cameras yesterday and have to get events by selecting all Motion. Not good as it floods me with events I don’t care about !


I agree that this is a big problem had cam plus for the longest time, all of a sudden my events don’t record on either camera. Here and there I would say but that’s unacceptable. I had went reached out to customer support and they said to unplug the cameras and replug them I did thinking maybe that would solve the problem, but no it didn’t . It would only record a little completely stop . I also upgraded to cam plus unlimited and it was sending notifications and events recording, now back at it nothing no notifications no events. What’s going on on ??? I need my cameras to be recording at all times !!!

The issue has been fixed from what I can see… All my BCP’s are now recording properly when Smart Detection is selected so I no longer need to record All Motion events.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having the issue with events for sometime now. I’ve did all necessary steps to fix the issue. I also reached out to customer support and I get trouble shooting steps which I’ve have done already. The events record for so long then just stop all together, I can’t keep going through all the steps to get the cameras to record when necessary what if I’m not home!? Know what I mean. I have my cameras to record all motion. I’m glad your issue was resolved mines sure didn’t.