HELP i was robbed and they took my phone

HELP how can I log into my account if I can’t use my phone with the number I have on file used for the two step verification. There must be a way PLEASE HELP !!!

if you have google or apple you should lock your phone, I’m unaware of another solution without opening a support ticket (Which you should do)

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Once you transfer your number to a new phone (like you’ll need to do anyway since it was stolen), you can use the same 2FA to log in.

As stated above, remotely lock your phone, call your cell phone provider too. Then get another phone you can transfer your number to (you can probably even ask friends or family if they have a spare old phone laying around you can use temporarily). Your phone company can have your number transferred pretty much instantaneously, and you’ll still have access to everything as normal.

Otherwise, if you can’t transfer the number, it will seem suspicious and you’ll likely have to go through a big process to prove you are the actual account holder, and not just someone claiming you lost the phone to try to social engineer your way through the security. If I were Wyze, I’d probably require you send some proof ID and then only send the notice to the account email address or something like that. Maybe first text the number on the account that the account has been reported with a security breach and is being temporarily locked (just in case the person currently in possession of the phone is the real account holder after all). Who knows what Wyze’s procedure is, like was said above, call support and ask them how you resolve it. Seems reasonable that they could change the 2nd factor of the 2FA to be through an email for now instead of the phone number. Maybe they’ll just make you reset the password or something using the original email address on the account.


Sorry to hear it. I don’t know why we let them ignore it, but the police should be involved when someone steals something that cost $600 or $1200 as many phones do.

Immediately contact your mobile provider and change your Google/Apple/Amazon/Instagram/etc. credentials as Carver and vabajaa indicated.

I have read nothing but trouble about two factor authentication here. It has its place but I’m not sure it should be deployed or trusted as much as it is. Some services aren’t worth all the potential real world hassle.

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