Can't change my phone number

I had to get a new phone number and I tried to change it in my account, but it wants to use 2FA with the number I don’t have anymore. Do I really need to sit on the phone with someone to change this or is there an email address I can contact? I couldn’t get the support page to give me a straight answer pertaining to it. Kept giving me things that don’t have anything to do with changing a phone number.

Welcome to the forums! Here is the 2fa info page within the support pages.

Unfortunately, this snippet is about half way down.

Oof, well… That’s going to be fun, especially since I have an active subscription as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for your situation. We’ve seen so many nightmare stories about 2FA and I don’t know why anybody enables it. It’s every week. You’d think it’s supposed to prevent hijacking, but of the people who’ve posted “I think my account is compromised” just about all of them actually already had 2FA enabled. Here’s a new one today

I can’t offhand think of a single time someone without 2FA said their account had been compromised.

Holy cow, that’s terrifying.
I usually have anything that need 2fa through an authenticated app, but I believe when I initially set it up, that wasn’t offered yet. It sounds like a lot of these people who do use the google authentication app already had their google account co promised, allowing them to get access through that. Not sure. My cyber security skills are super rusty :joy:
But I guess I’ll be trying to reach Wyze tomorrow about my subscription on an account that can’t be accessed anymore.

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