Is my account comprised?

I have a wyze cam 3 that automatically turns on every night and then turns off at 7am. This morning at 8 am my kid heard someone talking to him on the cam so I went to check it out and the camera light was red (which as far as I know means a live feed is being watched) so I immediately unplugged the cam. I have had 2FA with google authenticator on my account from day one and my phone is the only device that has access to the camera. I looked at the rule history and it said the camera had failed to turn off this morning (timed out). Also there is a 12 second video when my kid is in camera’s view but no useful audio with it but you can clearly see him walk in and then look up at the camera trying to understand what he is hearing. I’ve already changed my password, but it was a randomly generated password anyway.

Any ideas what could have happened?

Welcome to the Wyze community @Meowzy!
Does anyone else have access to your camera? What did the voice say?
Do you have any video of this happening? If so, would you be comfortable posting it or would you be able to send it privately to a Wyze employee.
I’d suggest changing the password on your Wyze account just to be safe.


Yours is not the first report of this type of thing happening. Search through the forums and you can find others. Anything connected to the internet can be compromised.

Step one for this will be to go to the camera in the app, then Gear Icon > Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Other. Record the log number and post it here. While this is mostly a user-to-user forum, I will pass it along to Wyze staff so they can look into.

That said, the fact that you unplugged the camera may have deleted the needed information. If it were to happen again, please submit a log before unplugging the camera.

In addition to the log, I’d contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT directly. Phone or chat will be better than email. Also post the support ticket number you receive here.