Two factor authentication

Cant sign in to app because of two factor authentication. i changed phone numbers months ago but never got to change it in the app to tell you the truth i didn’t even know i had the verification on, Support says they cannot help me at all , that they cannot change the number so here i am stuck with a wyze accoount i cant even use… thanks alot wyze support… (sarcasm)

One of the hazards of TFA with no backup.
Create a new account, and move your devices over to the new account.


I had a back up, both numbers where disconnected to get new phones and phone number. i never realized i had this feature on until it was to late… support cant help so all they can do is delete my account and create a new account

Got it. I ran into a TFA issue a couple years ago when a phone died. Had several things that used Google Authenticator (which was only installed on that phone). A couple were a real pain in the neck to get the TFA removed. Reality is it should be hard - else it would be easy for the bad guys to get it removed for you so they can hack your account. I carry two phone (work and personal), so I installed Authenticator on both, so I have an automated backup.