Help creating a rule

Looking for help creating a rule for Floodlight Pro that:
OFF event tracking
OFF notifications

When I’m HOME

Between sunrise & sunset ONLY.

Basically, when I am going in/out all day, I don’t want it to keep recording and sending notifications. But at night, I would like to know if someone is lurking outside my house.

If you want it to only send you notifications at night:

Account → Rules → + → Schedule → Enter Start and End Time → DO Add Action + → Choose the floodlight and “Turn on Notifications”

Now, in the Floodlight settings, just set what kind of notifications you want when it turns the notifications on (ie: Person Detection only). Now between that start and end time is the only time it will send you notifications when a person is detected.

If you want it to only do that when you are home during those times, then instead of choosing Schedule as the type of rule, choose “Location Trigger” and set it for your home address. Make sure you allow the Wyze app to track your location and stay on in the background so that your phone doesn’t put it to sleep or pause it.

With the above rule, your floodlight will still be able to record stuff happening on your property in case you need to go review it later (maybe if someone breaks into your house or something, you can go back later and see who came on your property), but it won’t annoy you with notifications about anything except at night during the times you select.

If you really don’t want it recording at all during the day time, then instead of choosing to turn on and off notifications, you could tell it to turn on and off the camera. Then it won’t ever even record anything during the day time.

You could also choose to setup a shortcut instead. Then instead of it automatically turning on and off notifications at a specific time, you can just click the shortcut button to turn it on and off whenever you want.

There are a lot of options. If you need more help with something specific, there are lots of us who can help you to modify it to your specific preference if you give us enough details about what you want.