Having trouble connecting to null

As usual getting the dreaded message on echo shows. Connect via mobile works. The echo show wyze app is USELESS most of the time.

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Usually I very rarely have a problem with my v2 Wyze cam appearing on my Echo Show when asked, but today all 3 of my Wyze cams won’t show up on my Echo Show, they still show up okay on my android phone.

I was wondering if this is a known recent issue perhaps related to the most recent update ?

Anyone have any ideas on what to try please reply and thanks in advance !

Theres currently an AWS outage, thats probably causing this:

Due to an Amazon Web Services outage, your Cam Plus Service may experience increased latency to Amazon Alexa, or Google Home streaming and errors of event video replay. To avoid further delay in service once the outage is fixed, please do not try to set up or reset your Cam Plus Service until this issue has been resolved.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding while we work to resolve this issue. We will send a follow-up email once the service has been restored.

Just posted a new thread for Echo Show before I saw this, so I guess it will resolve itself eventually.

I’d recommend to you, any anyone, to set your notification setting for the #news catagory to atleast “watching first post” so that you can be notified if there are any new posts in the #news catagory, like the outage one from earlier. :slight_smile:


Okay thanks, just asked about alerts on another thread before seeing your reply here.