Current issues with Wyze V2 cams connecting to Echo Show?

Usually I very rarely have a problem with my v2 Wyze cam appearing on my Echo Show when asked, but today all 3 of my Wyze cams won’t show up on my Echo Show, they still show up okay on my android phone though.

I was wondering if this is a known recent issue perhaps related to the most recent update ?

Anyone have any ideas on what to try please reply and thanks in advance !

Likely related to the AWS outage that Wyze announced.


Thanks, I should have thought of AWS being the reason now that I remember a similar incident last year I think. (it’s working okay again now !)

Is there an alert email you can sign up for with Wyze or you just need to check their web site ?

Wyze usually posts it here on the forum if there is an AWS outage that affects Wyze.