Cams no longer show on echo show

for 2 days now my wyze cameras stopped showing on my echo show 8. They are listed in their app but no more Live Views! Wyze app is fine. I directed this problem to amazon and they said to go to Wyze. I have done EVERYTHING possible. one person said wait a day, maybe it’s a glitch… It’s been 2 days. What is the problem?

Sounds like what sometimes happens to other Alexa supported device. Never have seen what causes. My guess is that the skill has been updated by the developer and is not quite right. I would unlink/disable Wyze skill and immediately relink it. Cost nothing to try.

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I just asked this same thing a couple hours before you did, I removed and reinstalled the skill- still nothing - hoping someone gives an answer to your or my question…


I was on Chat with Amazon for 4 hours the other day… Bottom line, “Wyze is not responding, so it’s a WYZE problem,” Each keeps blaming the other :frowning:

I have done this numerous times with no luck.

done this numerous times with no luck.

I read that Google just had this SAME problem too