Service Advisory: HMS, Cam Plus Pro and Cam Plus - 9/28/22

9/28/2022 3:40pm PT - AWS is reporting that the server issues are resolved and things are coming back to normal. We will keep watching this throughout the evening but our services should be coming back to normal. Thank you.

10:05am PT - AWS is experiencing an outage that is affecting access to the Home Monitoring Service and Cam Plus Pro tabs in the Wyze app. Cam Plus users may also see an increased latency with Alexa and Google streaming and an increased error rate of event replay. The SMS service has also been impacted and users may experience issues using SMS for login.


Yet another outage, not surprising. smh

FYI, the website appears to continue to experience issues.

  1. I could not submit a support request. The formatting is malformed (no drop down boxes) and it would display a blank page upon clicking submit button at the bottom. :frowning:


  2. I could not manage my services.

Edit: Added more detail.


Thanks for letting us know. Looks like Wyze is testing a new support bot, and seems to have some issues. I have let them know.

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We stopped getting camera events from Cam+ around 11:00 p.m. central time.
Is anyone else having problems?

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Similar experience

It looks like Cam+ Events started working again for me around 3:38 a.m. Central.