Having issues swapping out a new hub

Hi there… I am still having issues swapping out a new hub since the outage in February. If I hadn’t invested (I am on an extremely tight budget) so much into all the cameras, sensors and other items, I would have just moved onto another system. I received zero help from customer service other than to replace the hub. So I did and basically nothing is really working correctly. My house is not protected and I’m just not sure what to do. I rescanned all of my sensors under the new hub, plus replaced my keypad and an afraid to delete the cameras bc they will not scan under the new hub. If I delete the old hub (lights never stop blinking) will the cameras be functional under the new hub once re-added?

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The cameras do not require the HMS hub to work. The battery cameras do have a hub but that’s not the same thing.

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Yeah, I think there is some confusion.

The sensors do need a hub to connect to. This is called the sense hub. If this is what support sent you, only sensors will connect to it.

The wireless square cameras that have a front side that looks like the star wars death star are called Wyze Cam Outdoor and they also require something separate to connect to, called a “base station”. These cameras and base station should not be deleted from the account while they’re offline or they’ll never reconnect.

All the rest of the cameras don’t need a hub. They all connect directly to your Wi-Fi router and Internet.

Can you clarify which products/models you are having trouble with? Maybe show us a picture so we can point you to instructions to follow?


Just for clarity before we go forth because having the mavens tagged in on this I know someone else will beat me to it. Before we ask you to post a picture of the device you’re having troubles with I’ll ask, is this it :slight_smile:

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The picture I posted is the hub which is what the sensors will connect to, if needed I can also post a picture of the base station for the outdoor cameras as well.


Yes… that is the hub. I have a new 2nd hub bc the old one will not arm and is continually flashing (started after the issue with a Wyze outage). I did contact customer support. After doing everything they advised that I needed to purchase a new hub. I have uploaded all my sensors to the new hub, but my cameras (V2, V3 & CamPan) it will not give me the option to save to the new Hub. I have not removed the old Hub bc I was told to add all the old cameras first… so that is where I am currently at.

None of those cameras connect to that hub. I have an account that doesn’t even have a hub on it at all and all the cameras connect directly to the WiFi with no hub. You cameras should also connect directly to your WiFi Router. They aren’t made to connect to the hub. You should go through setup again for your cameras and connect them to your internet WiFi. Here are the steps for connecting the V3 Camera:

Here are the setup instructions for setting up the V2 or the Original Pan camera from Wyze:

Again, no hub, just your WiFi/internet router. You will need to know which WiFi network name is yours and what the password to connect to it is. This may be something you or someone at your house setup, or it may be something listed on the bottom of your internet router.

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