Has anyone found a solution to the Google Home App Showing Wyze Cameras?

If I use a google home / nest device like a display I can say Hay Google show me “X” camera. That works… But inside the Google Home App I have issues ever getting to see the cameras in that app.

Has anyone found a solution that works for this?

Sadly, not really. It’s inconsistent in who is affected and Google Home Admitted that the problem is in their app and they need to fix something.

If I was desperate to resolve this, what I would probably do is go find an OLD Google Home APK on a mirror site and get a version from earlier than August of 2023 and side load that app onto my phone or on an Android Emulator. Here is a list of Google Home APK’s from the past on apkmirror:

(FYI make sure not to click on the ads PRETENDING to be downloads for the app…apkmirror has lots of that)
Then I’d log in and try to reconnect the Wyze credentials to Google Home again and see if that fixes it.

Since the issues were introduced around the time Google Home was transitioned to their new UI and system, I would hope that reverting back to an app version where it was working for everyone might resolve the issue. But I am just guessing and thinking of what I would try if it were affecting me, knowing that Google Admitted that it is their fault and a problem with their app not linking things correctly.

If anyone does try that and gets it to work, please let us know.

@carverofchoice, would that work in this case? @jdawson.nf’s profile indicates an iOS user, and there was no mention of Android in the original post that I could see. :man_shrugging:

It works pretty consistently for me, but I can imagine the frustration of others who haven’t been able to see the Wyze streams in Google Home. :slightly_frowning_face:

Apple doesn’t allow sideloading, so probably not with iOS. I have had some people suggest testflight does sometimes allow rolling back to earlier versions, but I doubt it goes back that far.

Just in case this was the case, I mentioned using an “Android Emulator” on something like a computer. I know Macbooks can run Android emulators, so if a user has any kind of computer, they should be able to use an Android emulator, side load an old Google Home app and try that way.

Though, to be clear, I am not saying any of this will work or fix it. It could partially be a back-end breakage caused by Google’s migration to their new App system, so doing what I said may make no difference at all. This is why I prefaced all of the above with this:

Mostly I am saying that this is something I would probably try if it were me. I do not know if it will work though. Google home stuff never stopped working for me for some reason. :man_shrugging:

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Totally missed that. Apparently I’ve spent too much time lately with the most recent posts in another topic. :roll_eyes:

My bad.

Here’s where I’m imagining someone with a PDP-10. I think maybe it’s time for a nap.

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Haha, no worries buddy! I do it ALL the time too. Here’s me explaining one of my latest similar blunders:

Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile: It probably won’t be the last time either of make such oversights. I’d much rather have you respond and have overlooked something, than not interact all. It’s still appreciated. No worries on my end. You were looking out for someone, and I don’t mind being corrected when I make a mistake or am wrong, I just prefer it to be done in a kind and respectful manner from complete strangers who have never interacted with me before (the user I was responding to, did also update their comment to be much kinder, which I very much appreciated). :slight_smile: But my brothers or friends are totally welcome to clown me over my mistakes. :joy: I’m fairly secure with myself nowadays, so I rather enjoy it because I already know we like each other and it’s not meant as serious harm.

Sometimes it feels like @cyberdog_17 and I pretty much only interact with each other by clowning on each other in public. :rofl:

I am using an Apple phone and it is very consistent for me it never works.

My brother has Android and for him it works when he is in his home but if he is away from his home on cellular it never works.

Sadly getting support from Google is POINTLESS.

The only camera that works with Google Home app now look to be made by Google.