Got my camera, have a couple questions? Beta Version of app....

I have the beta version of the Wyzecam app, I have a couple of questions…

  1. Can I change the live camera time from 24 to regular 12 hour for time stamping?

  2. When I was setting up the camera it said it preferred my 2.4GHz internet then my 5GHz how do I know what bandwidth the camera is currently connected on?


  1. Unless something changed recently, you can be assured that it is on the 2.4G network - as the hardware doesn’t support 5G.

If something has changed in the hardware recently, that is great news.

Then i’m Not sure why it asks when setting up, by the way I am running the latest firmware on the camera and iOS 11.3…

2.4GHz only.

I don’t know of any way to change to 12H time format.

Thanks for reaching out!

  1. Currently it will only be a 24-hour time format. This may change in the future however!
  2. I believe this is just a warning to make sure the device you are using is on the 2.4GHz network for a smoother setup. If your router does not display both it will usually handle which network the device it put on without you needing to worry about it!

Thank you for the response, currently I am having a problem with the picture being purple when the camera is closed all the way down to the flexible base.

Solid purple image? Could you please send me a snap shot of that?

Do you have an email I could send it to?

Alternatively, you can post it right here using the Insert Image button (looks like mountains and sun) above the new reply entry area.

Can you also post an image of the same scene taken with your phone’s camera?

Awesome, thank you. Can you please open a support ticket and let me know what ticket # it gives you. This is a unit we will want to swap out for you!

When I open the camera from the base a little this is what I get, but when I close it back down it goes back to purple.

I already had one open #38545. Thank you for your time.

Wait, what? I posted about this issue, actually found temporary fix, which I put up on this site and he gets new camera?? And yes I sent tickets and have heard nada. MEH




Awesome, I will reach out to you soon under that ticket!

MoOse has the same problem, and pointed out the temporary fix to me.

Just to clarify… when you say “open the base”, you are talking about extending the gray mounting base away from the camera (problem goes away) and then closing it up again like when it came out of the box (problem recurs)? You are NOT talking about opening the white case of the camera to access the “guts”?

If the former, then it sure sounds like the magnet in the base is affecting the camera. Would be interesting if you have a rare earth magnet around if you could put it close to the bottom and see if you get the same affect.