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While auditing by bank statements, I ran across what appears to be double billing for 2021, 2022 and 2023. I’m being billed directly from Wyze Labs Inc. and also via Google Play (Google *WyzeAppAndriod). Wyze has just replied that they can’t assist me and that I will need to contact Google. I suspect this will cause class action legal issues for Wyze down the road. Nevertheless, I’m about to cancel my subscriptions via Google. I hope this doesn’t impact my subscriptions directly with Wyze.

It is WIDELY mentioned here to ALWAYS purchase subscriptions directly through Wyze and NOT through Google or Apple. A) Wyze can’t fix a problem when ordered that way, and B) usually you pay extra for the privilege of going through a 3rd party.

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First, welcome to the community.

I’ll clear up a common misunderstanding here though:

Not Likely. Google and Apple FORCE things to work this way, not the companies on their platform. If you order a subscription through a mobile phone app, the subscription is actually going through Google or Apple, not the company whose app you ordered the subscription through. Google and Apple don’t ALLOW the company to work with you directly on the subscriptions and they control everything to do with them, including any refunds because they want to ensure they get their 30% extortion money…I mean royalties.

There have been plenty of lawsuit attempts on this subject from multiple angles, and while there is some progress being made recently in the courts on this matter, the fact is that “Wyze” and all the other companies are not at fault. The one you are really mad at in this case is Google. They screwed up the charges and won’t allow Wyze to help you with it. Wyze isn’t allowed to the touch the subscription or give you a refund or even allowed to directly give you prorated refunds on any subscription you did through the app.

Overall point, there will be no class action legal issues for Wyze down the road because the fault is actually with Google (or Apple for those on iOS) who are the ones charging you and messing it up. You might be able to argue for a class action against Google (that’s a hard bar to win), but Wyze would easily be dismissed from any wrongdoing when Google doesn’t even allow them to intervene/help. That is why you were referred to Google. Don’t hold it against Wyze. Google REQUIRES it to work this way or they get banned from Google Play. The best way to handle this going forward is to NEVER order any subscription through ANY mobile phone app unless there are no alternative options. If you can order a subscription through a company’s website in a web-browser instead, do that. Then it will still work in the app. But if you order through an app, don’t blame the company for problems and headaches because you technically didn’t order from them, you ordered from Google/Apple and they have 100% control of it, not the company, and 30% of your money is going to Google/Apple, so don’t be surprised why prices are so high.


I sincerely appreciate you providing the much needed clarity. Update: It turns out that when I unsubscribed via Google Play, I was also unsubscribed via Wyze online, So, this is even MORE confusing as two companies are billing me for camera subscriptions for the same cameras with different rates. I cancel from one and it cancels the other?!?

It appears that I was being correctly charged $59.99 (2022 and 2023) annually for unlimited cameras by Google *WyzeAppAndriod via Google Play and another incorrect charge by them of 19.99 (2021 & 2023) for an assumed single v1 camera. Wyze Labs Inc. also charged me $132.85 (2021) annually, $90.24 (2022) annually and $104.93 (2023) annually for “7 cams”.

Note: I’m only able to see the invoice description with the 7 cam count from Wyze for 2023 as they do not go back any further,

Nevertheless, it appears that I’ve been overcharged close to >$200 in the past 3 years. I will certainly address the matter with Google as well and also see what remedies my credit card company can provide, if any.

Thanks (again).

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Man, that is confusing.

Yeah, check with Google first and see what they say. Keep us updated on what happens. The main reason I say this is because the volunteers here do have some access to escalate things in certain situations, but not before the other proper channels have first been exhausted. So, let us know how things go and we’ll see if there is anything left that we need someone to take an extra special look at, and if there is anything more that CAN be done if needed. Hopefully Google can just resolve it all on a single contact since I don’t know what options they may even allow Wyze to take on the matter.

At least go through the proper Google channels first, then let us know how it turned out for you. :+1: