Duplicate charge

I purchased an annual subscription and was double charged, i contacted support and they just said to cancel my subscription, i did but this wont solve my issue i was double charged for the subscription i need a refund of the duplicate charge.


Did you order the subscription through the Wyze Website, or through the App?

If through the App, do you have an iPhone or Android? You will have to contact Apple or Google for a refund if you ordered through the app…Apple and Google hold subscription payments hostage and don’t let Companies do anything with them themselves. It is annoying, but they want to make it difficult so they make sure they always get their 30% cut…so it all goes through them when you use the app. There is not much Wyze can do about that without you going through the Gatekeepers (Apple/Google) first. This is one of the 2 main reasons why I always tell people to order subscriptions directly through the Wyze website instead of the app (the other reason is that ordering through App/Apple/Google makes everything cost 30% more so that 30% royalties can be paid to them).

If you ordered through the Wyze Website, will you please post your Support Ticket number here? It should’ve emailed you a support ticket number after talking with the rep who just told you to cancel the subscription but didn’t help with the double charge resolution.