Charges made to my debit card without my knowledge

I have been a customer of wyze for a few years now and I have never had an issue, but today I wake up to, 2 different charges to my account without my knowledge! I contacted wyze through chat and practically begged someone to call me, and completely explained that wyze had charged me over $139.00 without my knowledge, and could someone please help me?!! There response was We highly recommend that you contact Google for a refund???

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When did your annual auto renew subscriptions begin\end? Did you purchase these subscriptions thru the Google Play Store or thru the Wyze Website (

When you look at your subscriptions in the Account → Services tab, did any of them recently renew?

When you go to your account on the Google Play Store, do you see those charges in your account history? What are they for?

Do you know what the 2 charges were for? ie: which subscriptions?

Since Support said you should contact Google, my guess would be that you likely ordered a subscription through the app a year ago.

The problem with placing orders for things through an app, is that those orders are controlled by Google (or Apple if using an iPhone) because they want a 30% cut of the price. For this reason, Google (and Apple) doesn’t allow app developers to manage their own subscriptions if you ever placed the initial order through the app.

In other words, when you place an order through the app, which it sounds like must have happened a year ago, Google doesn’t allow Wyze to cancel or refund that subscription. They require you to do it all through Google (ie: through the Wyze app, or contacting Google Customer service). That would be the normal reason why Wyze would tell you to contact Google about it…they’re implying the initial purchase was done through Google (the Wyze app) and Google doesn’t allow Wyze to cancel or give refunds for subscriptions done through the app, Google requires you to convince Google to cancel and refund subscriptions.

Either way, I would reach out to Google Customer Support since Wyze has implied that Google has the subscription charge locked up on their end.

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