Google play store charge

I was charged $104.70 by Google play store when I did the update you required. When did you start charging for the app?

That makes no sense at all?

Could you please show a (sanitized) screen shot of your Play Store billing? (By the way we are mostly a customer-only forum with few Wyze reps.)


Here is my chase card bill.


[Mod Note]: Removed credit card information from screenshot.

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Should ink out last 4 digits of your Chase card in photo.

Here it is

I’m guessing that is for placing orders for products through the Wyze App, instead of through the Website. What did you order from Wyze most recently?

Click on the account Tab, then Order History and look at your most recent orders, particularly on those same dates.

I know Google is charging Wyze extra money for anyone who orders Cam Plus through the App, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are also charging extra for products purchased through the app. It would be interesting to find that out. This would also make sense why the charge is going through Google if you are ordering through the Wyze App instead of the Wyze Website.

In the future, always go to to place your orders so Google isn’t charging you an extra 30% tax on everything you buy…just saying…I rarely buy anything through apps because I know Google and Apple are screwing over the businesses and causing increased prices. I always do the businesses a favor and buy their stuff directly through their websites instead. Saves us both a ton of money in the long run.