Google Play for subscription renewel

Hello all,

My annual charge came around and wouldn’t you know it, my CC info wasnt up to date. My sub was canceled by wyze and I was notified about the issue. When I renewed I notice it was making me use google play to pay for the subscription when it didnt before. Is there a way to not use google play for my sub?

Are you trying to renew via the app or via the website on a PC?

Are you sure it wasn’t suggesting Google Pay (not Play) as a payment method option? If that’s the case, then perhaps updating your initial post and title might help you to get the right eyes on this issue.

I did renew but before I did I tried the app and the website from my phone to see if both took me the google subscription and they did so I just did it. I canceled tonight to see if I could tey again but still the same. Maybe I should try a PC?

It is google pay for the payment but its through google subscription services which goes through the play store.

I appreciate the clarification. It’s unfamiliar to me because one of my primary reasons for trying Wyze cameras at all was because I already had other Wyze devices and didn’t want to be required to subscribe to anything in order to have access to useful camera features.


Yes, try on a PC. I have never had to go through Google from a PC.

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Will do. Thanks. Ill report back