Charged for an unwanted service even when I had my credit card removed months ago

A few months ago I had a conversation with a Wyze representative and was assured my card was removed from account because I wanted to make sure I was not charged for any renewal of services and I know how businesses operate and wanted to do everything I could to stop being charged. I was notified by my credit card that I was charged by Wyze. I went online to see my account and shows no credit cards are on account. I am disappointed that this has happened I purchased lots of products from Wyze and am now rethinking. I tried calling them but as i knew what would happen no one available on weekends, I know have to take time during the week while working to make a call to them and if they are like most companies im sure it will take forever to reach someone. I digress but this happens so often in todays world and I did not expect it from Wyze.

Did you by chance use subscribe to a service through Google play or Apple? I had this experience a few months back and the subscription was through Google play and not Wyze.

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Yes, that was it. Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

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I want to apologize to Wyze for the post. It was I who forgot that I used Google play to make Service purchase, I do not use Google often and have made other purchases from Wyze by entering card number. I did speak with a rep. letting her know I did not want to renew the service. It was mostly my responsibility to make sure the charge did not happen. I guess i will have the service another year and thats not bad I just Feel that using the SD card works fine for me. Sorry again for the post and I love your products.