Random Charges

Just started getting random charges for products and services I did not order start showing up on my credit card. When I contacted customer support and after having just finished explaining how I neither purchased anything nor had any subscriptions due (what subscription costs $31.99?) their response was, “Regarding about the charge, as much as I want to assist you, I need a screenshot of the recent charge that you got. Also, I need to check your account if you are currently subscribed or not to our Wyze Services.”

 I'm pretty P.O'd with that response. Now I have to prove that you charged me? Seriously? You want to know about services I just said I don't have a subscription for? When I went to my account > orders> all of my orders have listed "PAID $5.99" for every single item. Trust me, I was charged in full for every item I have ever purchased and as much as I want to assist YOU in CORRECTING YOUR error. Why don't YOU, the one that has incorrectly charged me, do that yourself? Why does the customer, the one suffering the penalty of YOUR error have to do YOUR JOB for you? 

 Maybe it's just me but I expected a "Dear Customer we are so sorry for any error we may have committed, We will check our records and get back with any information in regards to this as soon as possible and will correct any billing errors found."  <- Is this too much to ask for or expect? 

The shopping on that app "app-solutley" sucks.

Hey, sorry about the issue your facing! That’s very strange that you got that charge, but did the support rep say they were going to look into it? Did they hang up? This is primarily a user to user forum, so generally Wyze doesn’t check this. If you could provide a ticket number I could attempt to pass it along though. You might be better off trying again though. Sorry!

You might get some insight as to what the charge was for if you log into services.wyze.com, click My Account, scroll to Billing at the bottom, and click View All.

There, you can see a chronological history of all charges and transactions to your account and download PDF invoices of each.

This, of course, is only if Wyze charged your account rather than putting your card on someone else’s account, which, I wouldn’t rule out.

Good luck!

Additionally per the wyze refund model it should be partial charges. ie if you were charged 30 dollars for a year subscription. Canceling should provid you a 29.87(not a real number) refund without dealing with support. Not the total amount you were charged but should get most of it.

Agreed that refunds for subscriptions are prorated depending on the date of purchase\expiration and cancellation date. Odd amounts in excess of base pricing can also be attributed to the local tax rate charge\refund at the user address.

However, the OP stated a purchase was made toward the card for which there is no known purchase or subscription renewal.

If you feel as if your account is hacked or erroneous charges are happening, you could reach out to security@Wyze.com