Google Assistance says, "Looks like Wyze Home is not available right now"

When I ask Google to turn off one of my Wyze outlet modules, I get this message. It’s been going on for a couple days now that I know of. The outlet modules are fine, I can access them through the Wyze app without a problem, though it is taking a full minute for the app to find my Wyze devices.

Wyze, are you home?

This just happened to me as well.
If you search your question on Google there’s a link to a Reddit thread about fixing this that I’m trying right now.
“Support” here is fairly nonexistent.

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Same here all my Wyze devices, plugs, Lights etc all day Google Assistant says Wyze home not available right now

Google Integration (wyze home) is not working for me either. It’s been broken for hours. No notification from wyze.

Having the same problem. Google Assistant isn’t even coming up as a Smart Integration option in the Wyze app.

EDIT: I was able to go into Google Home and reconnect the Wyze account and that seems to have brought everything online.

2 years later and there’s still no fix? Could the issue be tied to 2FA? It’s really tough to recommend Wyze products with this much latency on resolving issues. :frowning: