Google Home Integration Boken

Originally commented in this post on the Wyze Subreddit, but sharing here as well in hopes of a faster response:

After my google home informed me that it could not connect to the wyze bulbs in my living room, I saw that the Google Smart integration is no longer listed in the Wyze app. IN an effort to fix the issue, I unlinked the Wyze account from Google home app then relinked it. All of my Wyze devices are listed and I could add them to specific rooms, but are displaying as “offline”. In the Wyze app, they function normally. That’s 10 important smart devices that are no longer working with our google home.

Do we know if this is a widespread issue?

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No idea but contemporaneous Alexa issues:

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Issues with Google home seem to be resolved. Any luck with the Alexa issues?

Maybe? My bulbs and plugs no longer say “there was an error” in the Alexa app.

I am still having issues with my google home and Wyze app. Every time I try to turn on a Wyze bulb Google home just tells me it cannot connect to Wyze home. I have unlinked and re-linked google home and Wyze but it did not help. How did you get your back?

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As with the others in the linked thread above, it just started working again.

It is still down for me. I tried linking Wyze again in Google Home but it says “No devices were found in your Wyze Home account”.

Me too :frowning:

Google Home via IFTTT will turn camera off but not on. Both times notifications sent that it is working from IFTTT and activity log shows it worked. Google Home issues for several days now

Hey. I finally fixed my google / Wyze home apps not talking by deleting all of the items that were integrated into google from Wyze, then reinstalling them.

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Hi @Fyrefly925 - I looked in Google Home to see how to do that and all I have is a unlink to Wyze option which won’t work in my case because that seems to be the broken part of the integration. Was your Google Home to Wyze linked services working?

So, i went into google and unlinked the wyze app.

Then, I went into the Wyze app and deleted all of my devices that work with google (all my bulbs). The devices never disappeared in google.

Then I went back to the Wyze app and added my light bulbs back in (having to add them like I did the first time I used them).

I then went back to the google app, settings, works with google, and re-linked the Wyze app.

And now they all work with google commands.

This would be really annoying for someone with lots of devices but I only have 4.

I hope this makes sense.

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