Google Home Integration

Is anyone having issue with Google devices not ablrle to find the wyze home? All my voice commands through the Google Home Speaker come back as it can’t connect to the wyze home. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, i’ve got the same problem. When talking to google about my camera it replies: “Sorry, It looks like wyze home is unavailable now”. This is since a few days now.

I think i solved it, I remove wyze home from google home app and connected it again. now i placed all my cams in the correct rooms again and google doesnt reply with an error anymore!

@stefan.bron How did you remove it from Google Home. Did you delete every item you have recognized by Google? Thanks for the update!


In the Google home app you can add new devices and choose for already setup devices and click wyze home and disconnect. After that you can search for wyze home and reauthorize it.

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This worked perfectly. Thank you for the help!

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When I access my Wyze devices through Google Home, it finds them all except the Motion Sensor? The sensor is active and works but somehow invisible through Google Home. Thoughts?

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So this is happening again. It has happened at least a couple times now. I don’t know if it’s cause by version changes in Home or Wyze or what, but can someone look into how to prevent this in the future? Having to unlink and relink my account and re-setup all my rooms every couple of months can be frustrating. Thank you.
To be fair, this didn’t just start, it’s been doing it for at least a week, I just got around to doing anything about it. Thanks.

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I am having same problem with motion sensor not linking to google home. I unlinked devices and linked but only camera and door sensor link up. Any suggestions?

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All of my Wyze devices, cameras, lights, outlets, worked fine with Google Assistant until a few days ago. Now I get “I can’t connect to Wyze” from Google". Taking the advice in this forum I removed Wyze from Google Home but when I tried to put it back in I get a “Couldn’t connect with provider” at the end of the installation process.
Can anyone provide info?

All my Wyze cams, contact sensors and bulbs show up in my Google Home but unable to find my Motion detector. Have tried re-link my Wyze account, made sure device is on with no luck.

I had the same problem, Instead of unlinking and then linking and setting all of the devices up again, on the Google Home app, I tried Set up device>Have something already setup?>Wyze Home>Reconnect account. That took care of the problem. It might be worth a shot, a lot easier then having to set each device up again and put them into rooms etc., which I have done before.

Honestly, I have GE and Tuya smart bulbs as well as Wyze. The Wyze bulbs are the only ones I have had problems with and have had to reset.

My V3 cams and Contact sensors all work fine with Google. I’ve never been able to recognize or see my Motion Detection on my Google setup.