Wyze cam not in a home in Google Home

I have linkded Wyze account and mycam v2 to Google Home iOS.
It shows on the list of devices and I can ask Google assistant to stream to Chromecast.
But it says it is not in a home. When I try to add it to my home it says “… can not connect to the cloud. And it won’t move the cam to my home.
Any ideas?

Welcome to the community, @rexabbot. This sounds like you need to setup the camera in the Google Home app properly. I found this searching for “Google” on the Wyze support pages. There are several useful articles there on Wyze products. :slight_smile:


Thanks DeadPirateRush! I did set it up properly.

Here is a pic of the error:

Rex Abbott

That error appears to be in the Google Home app. Have you searched in Google Nest (Home) support for a possible solution?