Cant re-link Wyze to Google home app

Hello, I recently unlicked Wyze from my Google home app to see if I would be able to get my Wyze cams to properly stream on my Nest hub devices. Now, when I try to re-add Wyze, I only get so far and it will not add the Wyze service to Google home after logging into the authentication page and accepting the link.

I was able to re-add Wyze Home with another Android device, using the same Google account.

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Same here. Can’t relink Wyze Home on Google Home app. It seems I will need to get an android phone now?

Same issue. Can not reconnect google home with wyze. I’m on android. It was connected with goggle home. And it’s not working now. Tried to reconnect and it’s not connecting to the relink url.

I am currently in the process of installing more Wyze products in my home and am also currently having issues with Google Home. Seems that the Wyze login link with Google home is broken at the moment.

Just tried it again and it is fixed. No issues logging in to Wyze via Google Home.


Yep, Just tried again. Linked wyze on Google Home again. No issues now.