Service Advisory - Google Integration 10/19/22

10/19/22 11:30 PM PT - Google reverted the change they were working on and this resolved the issue. If you continue having trouble with your Google integration, please contact our support team through

8:30 PM PT - We have identified the problem and are working toward a resolution. In the meantime, disabling the integration and setting it up again has helped people. Thank you for your patience.

8:15 PM PT - Our integration with Google Assistant isn’t working properly. This can lead to issues like failed commands and missed schedules. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on resolving this.


Seems relinking your account fixes this.


Is it just temporarily, is it breaking again.


No idea, I have confirmed from a few others that it fixed it, but idk if it will last. Should reword that better, editing now :slight_smile: