2.22 Google integration appears to be gone as if a few days ago, so annoying

I have a google pixel 4xl running latest updates android 11. Within the last few days Wyze updated and now I have NO google integration. inside the App only Alexa integration appears. Google still lists wyze in their integration section, did somebody forget to tell google something perhaps?

Normally issues after an update are fixed one of two ways, a full restart from OFF or sometimes I have needed to uninstall the app and install it again, neither works this time. Google home shows the devices but when I tell it to interact it always says wyze app is not available, I also tried emptying the cache for the app and running a junk cleaner on the phone, I did not delete everything because I really don’t feel like reinstalling all dozen+ of my devices if i don’t have to.

Other devices like my wall switches of a different brand and my honeywell thermostat continue to work properly so I do not believe it’s anyone but the wyze app having an issue. So when google claims an app is unavailable what does that mean? I have to carry my phone around the house with me to turn my lights and fans on in the house, very annoying guys please fix it! Give me some guidance something, I thought for sure I’d see some more posts about it so maybe it’s just lucky old me, help!

Problem appears solved. Poking around in the google home app (android 11) I noticed an option to “reconnect” or unlink thirty party accounts. So I “reconnected” the wyze account and all is working for the moment, so apparently the last update somehow wiped out the account information for wyze in google home. Next time i’ll know, that but still should not have happened if you ask me.