Forced to "Reconnect Account" through Google Home/Assistant to Wyze Home to get devices to work again

I was having problems using Google to control Wyze products all day (8/11/20).

I have several Wyze bulbs and Wyze Plugs connected throughout my house. I turned contact sensors into light switches using these awesome brackets, or sometimes I use motion sensors.

I also use Alexa and Google to turn things on or off. Bulbs and Plugs were all working fine through the Wyze App, or through using contact or motion sensors, or with Alexa. So everything seemed to work fine with all of that.

Google Assistant just suddenly wouldn’t work at all for Wyze Bulbs or Wyze Plugs:

I’ve also received lots of other messages like: There was a glitch, try again in a few seconds. I even tried using the Google Home app manually to make changes, but that wouldn’t work either.

Google was working fine with several other non-Wyze devices, including plugs from other companies. It was just Wyze that Google suddenly stopped working with since I got the new Wyze updates today.

It was really frustrating! I finally decided I’d just remove the Wyze link in the Google Home App and try linking Wyze again. In the Google Home app I clicked settings - Works with Google - Wyze Home - and it showed I was successfully connected to Wyze Home and had 38 connected devices and it gave me 2 options: Reconnect account or Unlink account. I decided to first try to “Reconnect account” so I wouldn’t have to reassign rooms to 38 devices.

It worked! Google Home works with all my devices again. I am not sure what broke the connection (I didn’t make any changes to my profile, password or anything else, everything was the exact same as yesterday, but somehow the connection to Wyze was broken and needed refreshed), but it happened right after all the Wyze updates. So, if anyone else suddenly has problems using Google to control their devices, try the “Reconnect account” option since it fixed the issues for me…I didn’t even have to reassign room locations, etc. again either.

Wyze_Beta v2.12.33