Garbage service

What a Joke of a company. Garbage customer service.


It’s hard to know what to say without any details. Perhaps some of us agree, perhaps some of us don’t, perhaps some of us have solutions we can offer or suggest, but we have no idea what happened, so it’s hard to know.

If the point was solely vent frustration, that’s totally understandable too. :+1: Sorry to hear you had a bad experience that didn’t match up to your expectations. I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point or another with various companies.


I was trying to use your customer service. It was also a terrible experience. I don’t know if you use ai or real people…I waited until it was my turn…then had to wait quite a while for responses…then the whole thing closed…
Took a long time to set everything up. Camera works via the app. But when I leave my house and try to connect to see the feed via the app on my Samsung galaxy…it fails to connect and tells me to force quit the app (didn’t help) and/or power cycle the camera…which I have to be AT the camera to do.

I called my kid at home he powercyxled it…and it worked…I bought this because I wanted to go on vacation and wanted piece of mind. If I can’t view it while away…what’s the point in having it.

So when I tried troubleshooting it…there was a message about “can’t view livestream” and it said you are aware of the issue…but the last update was a month ago…


It’s not his. He is just a helpful volunteer.

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As stated above, I don’t work for Wyze. I’m just a helpful and knowledgeable Wyze user.

Are you by chance using Internet through Comcast Xfinity with their default gateway? Is the model number of your gateway XB7 or even XB8?

I ask because we’ve had a lot of people with Xfinity reporting that their cable Internet gateway is blocking them from using cameras away from home. Sometimes they can get it to work for a few minutes by restarting the gateway or the cameras, but then it goes back to blocking the camera Livestream again after a few minutes. Since this is your experience, it sounds to me like you probably have this company and gateway.

If so, there are some suggestions we can offer that others have found to resolve the issue. So let us know if my guess is correct.

I can certainly understand feeling frustrated in this situation when one of the most important parts of the camera aren’t working right for you.


I have similar experience with customer service, after starting cam plus for one month for free in the first day I selected don’t renew after the free month well I get charged for another month and customer service refused to give me credit???

I’m having the same issue. I can’t even view the Livestream at home most of the time because we have different cams using different Internet points. Totally pissed about this. The whole point for me to have all these cams is to pull up livestreams and see what’s happening on my property.