Garage Door Controller - OPEN/CLOSED status on home page

Since they’ve added this on the home page, my Open/Closed status is often wrong too. Last time this happened I just didn’t do anything and went to bed. The next day it indicated properly and I didn’t open/close the door since it was previously wrong. I wonder if it is just really super delayed at updating the status?

I saw the status on mine was wrong the other day, too. If it is the case that the status can be incorrect or delayed, Wyze needs to add a timestamp to it. Otherwise, the information cannot be trusted and is, therefore, useless.

I agree. You know it is too far away if when you close the door and it doesn’t beep or when you open the door and it does. This is indicative od the QR Code not being seen appropriately.

As you know, I went to FedEx Store (formally Kinkos) and enlarged the Bar Code, Put it up and moved the Camera to the back of the garage. it has been working flawlessly since.


The Open/Closed status on the Home Page is static, and only accurate as of the last time the home page was refreshed. It is not a live status (wonder if they can do that tho).

Can you provide a screen snapshot of the QR code?



That looks fine. You said the replacement bundle was working except for open/closed status. That isn’t the home page open closed status, is it? That one is not live, but only accurate as of the last home page refresh.

Then it’d be great if Wyze put a timestamp on that information since it’s almost guaranteed to be out of date and useless because it can’t be relied upon.

I hate to say it, but it’s not even accurate as of the last refresh.


Would be great if you could capture a log and submit it on the next Fix-it Friday. :slight_smile:

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Mine only shows “closed”. I have tried different things to make it work but none of them have helped. It shows closed regardless the doors position.

@nixhome2020 Agree to both sentiments from you two. I also use an extra door/window sensor to mark if it is closed or open. I’m uncertain why they didn’t use the learning tech that’s been around forever in many cars’ overhead console or in the sun visors… :thinking:

Actually, the only thing mine does is open/close it. I don’t get notifications that is has been open for 5 minutes. The camera gives notification on movement but the controller doesn’t do squat but open/close the door. There has never been any “events” logged, Zero notifications via the “notify me when” option, It used to strobe it’s light and give an audible warning when opening/closing but it no longer does that either.

It sounds like either the camera is too far away or the system hasn’t been calibrated. Can you post your camera’s view?

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It about 8 feet from the door

Thanks. Have you gone through the calibration procedure?

No I haven’t. I didn’t know that calibration was required after setup.

It should have automatically taken you there, but maybe it was aborted. Without that, the controller doesn’t know what state the garage door is in.

Camera Settings > Accessories > Garage Door Controller > QR Code Detection > QR Code Calibration.


THANKS! I thought about doing it but didn’t want to screw anything up. (anymore than it already is). And no, the setup process didn’t take me there. Gotta go and get busy.

SUCCESS! Thanks again for your responses/help. Tim