Garage Door Controller - OPEN/CLOSED status on home page

Does the opener status work on Android? I don’t see it.

No. You can recalibrate it, and it might work for a short while, but it quickly falls out of sync again. I think it would be far more accurate if the camera did the most rudimentary “AI” onboard and compared the current view with snapshots of the door open and the door closed in order to determine its status. :smiley:

It should work on Android. It’s a QR code issue; if the camera can’t see the QR code (light, distance, etc), or if the camera vibrates out of position, then you will have issues.

My camera has been installed since the beginning, and I never have issues with the door status.

Calibration lers alerts work correctly, but no status

If it cannot see the QR code, it should think the door is open, but in the above screenshot, you can see it thinks the door is closed. In this screenshot, it should see the QR code, but it still thinks the door is open.

What is that blinding light in the picture? Is that affecting the reading of the QR code? Also, what app version are you using?

The picture above was illustrating that they couldn’t see the status. You can’t on the live view screen. It shows up on the device Home page. @howardgreenstein10, are you still having any issues?

Hi. Still not seeing the status. Open or closed.

Do you see it on the device home page? If not, what app version are you using, and have you power-cycled the cam/controller?

Blinding? :slightly_smiling_face: To me, it looks like a small smear of light. Either way, it’s the garage-door-opener’s light. It does not appear to affect the visibility of the QR code to the camera. Plus, when the garage door is open and the controller thinks it is closed (in the previous screenshot), there is no QR code present to be affected.

I am always running the latest released version of the Android Wyze app, which today is 2.38.1 (161).

Try angling the camera down a bit to make sure the light isn’t causing you any issues. After that, cycle the power to the cam/controller to make sure it isn’t stuck on the door being closed when it is open.

After that, submit a log, and contact Wyze support with that log number so they can either determine whether your GDC needs replacement, or is in need of Dev intervention. :slight_smile:

Still not seeing it. V2. 38.1 (161)