Forum Operations Feedback Thread

haha, You reminded me that I needed to add a few updates too. :slight_smile: Thanks.


I would argue you could title yourself a Wyze recognized expert :wink:

the maven title sadly isn’t as widely known as it should be.


What happened to ‘Regulars?’ They used to comprise a kind of bump-privileged pre-Maven pool from which to qualify the next (from what I could tell from the cheap seats.)


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Hey, I just noticed recently, they really made Tables MUCH easier to create from scratch by providing an interface, accessible via this dropdown when composing:


I like the Discourse platform pretty much. :slight_smile:


wow…flash from the past…forgot about that one!

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I’m a lesser prince of remembering useless things. :slight_smile:

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The forum software had some recent update that changed some of the buttons at the bottom of the thread (at least on mobile), and one of those new buttons is a bookmark button. When clicking this, it gives you the option to edit the new bookmark you just created. When clicking it again, there is an edit and delete button.

The delete buttons text is not visible. It’s white on white. If you click it you can faintly see the text due to the hover state applying a bluish background color.

Not sure if this is an issue with Discourse or the wyze theme

It happens on Desktop too (only in Wyze Theme).

Without hover:

With hover:

I’ll get it reported.

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Looks like there’s a shorter time limit now during which you can un-:heart: a post. I don’t do it very often so maybe it’s been in place for a while. :woman_shrugging:

It’s set at 10 minutes, which is the Discourse default. As far as I can tell, we’ve never change it. Hmmm.

It’s been at 10 minutes at least as long as I’ve been a maven. I remember because when I was first a maven I did an experiment to test how long before I couldn’t unlike a post. For example, what if I like a post, then someone edits it to say something I disagree with and now I no longer want my name attached as seeming to like/support this bait & switch post? (At least the mods can see the edit history, so NBD)

Point is, I confirm like locking has been set to 10 minutes for at least 2-3 years that I remember.

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Thanks, fellers. Good to know. :slight_smile:


This should be fixed now. Let me know if you see it’s not and thanks for getting it reported.

I find the categories and tags frustrating. Why not a category for routers, for instance, or the app? When I’ve posted in the past I’ve had to choose a tag despite it not reflecting my question. I think this could be improved. Also, once I’ve typed a post, I would prefer to see a button that says submit. Love Wyze and the community, but the website needs improvement.

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The routers are a part of the Home category.

There is an Wyze App catagory.

Can you provide an example of this? Or a previous post? Categorizing posts and topics correctly is important.

Can you explain this more? Is this instead of a Screenshot_20240518-095835 or a Screenshot_20240518-095808 set of buttons?

I’m not quite sure where I’d stick a question about the router…maybe Home? There actually is an app category:

(I see that @Omgitstony already got an answer in, but I’m going to keep going.)

I’ve been frustrated by that, too, especially the tags. There have been times when I’ve created a post, entered what I thought were appropriate tags, and then hit the :heavy_plus_sign: Create Topic button…only to have the Forum tell me that the tags I chose aren’t allowed for that category.


One thing that helps me with the tags is scrolling through the list of tags before I post and/or having that open in a separate browser tab as a reference to help me organize my thoughts:

I know @carverofchoice recently suggested adding a new tag in another topic, and I think the fact that they have this topic soliciting feedback means they’re willing to make some changes if they seem reasonable and practical.

Just to build on that, I’ve seen posts that were miscategorized and/or mis-tagged (or not tagged at all), and one of the problems with that is that the person who posted is unlikely to get the assistance that he or she is seeking in that situation because the issue being reported or question being asked is in the “wrong” place where others aren’t looking for it. That’s one area where I’ve started using the flagging feature, to let Moderators know so they can recategorize/tag a topic so that hopefully the post gets better visibility and attracts some discussion.

I just saw your post, but I actually thought about this a few days ago and updated my own profile accordingly.