Toll Free 800 Support Number for Canada Cam Plus/Unlimited Subscibers

  1. Because of this MAJOR change have LOST 3 independent cams from my HOME screen. Cams in GROUPS are there! Where have they gone???

Suggestion: why not have a 1-800 phone # to costumer support for us CAMPLUS subscribers. Wyze sells products in Canada but my last call to WYZE support cost around $35! May as well just junk the cam and bought new. Food for thought

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@SoamesPt There is a separate phone number to contact support for Canada. That number is +1 581 500-1166. This is a Canada-based number (Quebec area) so should not incur international toll charges. Since most people have free within-country long distance calling these days, I would hope this would work for you. You can also do live chat with support agents on the Customer Support site. Just type “agent” in the chat box.

I’m not sure what the first part of your post (“1. Because. of this MAJOR change…”) is in reference to. If you can provide more information and detail on the issue, perhaps one of your fellow users here on the forum can help.