Floodlight Pro Ignores Motion Detection zone

See appended video and image

I guess it won’t let me upload the video. Every car that passes gets an alert despite the road being outside of the detection zone.

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And you stated, and tagged the topic as “floodlight pro”, but the screen shot if the camera view doesn’t look like it’s from the floodlight pro, can you confirm what product this is? The regular floodlight with the v3 camera perhaps?

Comparison from the Wyze store…


It’s the pro version. Here is the video.

Thanks for the bump and help so far

I was thinking the same thing. It doesn’t look like it beds the view much in the Fisheye lense manner. I started to say this, then decided to wait until I saw the video first. I am still not completely certain, but the view still doesn’t look as warped around the edges as I’m used to with my FLPro.

Regardless of which product it is anyway, it should be respecting the Detection zone. If this wasn’t a FLPro, then my first guess would be that the plans set off a motion detection and then it tagged the parked car as a vehicle. Then this would all make complete sense. But assuming it is a FLPro, then I am guessing that the line closest to the road is just barely still picking up some pixels from the moving cars on the road somewhere along that line.


And if it picks up anything at all, then it will consider anything else attached to those pixels, even if they are outside the detection zone.

As a test, you could possible move the detection zone back just one more square and see if it keeps happening. If it doesn’t, then we know it’s just because there was some tiny overlap with the road. If it does keep happening, then there is something else to consider here.

Thanks for your reply.

I will try moving it back a square, but that eliminates much of the yard and cars, which I would like covered.

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Do you have the Floodlight Pro mounted sideways?

Why is the image in the DZ screenshot and in the video rotated 90°?

How high is your sensitivity set?

What are your Event Recording \ Smart Detection settings? Notification Settings?

Is the Floodlight Pro assigned to Cam Plus? Are you being notified of Vehicles or notified of simple motion events?

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Simple motion.

Yes, I have the camera rotated sideways.
The image is rotated because the camera is.

I have detection levels set at 50.

I do have the subscription currently,

Could you send a picture of how you have your camera mounted? This can be useful to determine if the model has a PIR sensor, and if there could be anything else that it is detecting due to the abnormal mounting.

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Moving the detection layer significant farther away seems to work (until headlights come out at dark)

I have found that the sensitivity on the Floodlight Pro is much more sensitive than the other Wyze Cams. I can’t set mine above 42 without getting false Person AI Floodlight activations.

If you have the notifications on the cam set to notify you of every motion event, it is going to be notifying you a lot, especially when it gets breezy. Since you have a Cam Plus subscription, you might want to just set it to notify you of the important AI events.

I can’t be sure, but you may also have some issues with getting good AI tags with the cam turned sideways. I’m not sure the AI has the ability to identify objects out of horizontal orientation. I have never seen anyone try that.


Curious to see this also, as well as the light angle setup. @smilestill can you post a picture of how you have the camera mounted against the wall?

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