Floodlight Pro Image quality on one of my cams

Hi all. I’m wondering if anyone else has purchased multiple floodlight pro’s and if you noticed any quality variations between them?

I have 3, and one of them looks a bit more fuzzy than the other two.
Here are two of mine, and the one on the right, seems more splotchy than the one on the left. Compare the two distant cars in the background you can really see a difference IMHO. The person on the left is pretty well defined too. No person on the right side, but its no where near as crisp (I’ll see if I can find a clip with a person.)

What are your thoughts?


Were both cams set to the same video resolution? I can’t see the timestamp or Wyze watermark logo so I can’t tell.

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Any chance there is a watermark or fingerprint smudge on the lens?

I think @cyberdog_17 might have seen this before.

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@carverofchoice is right. I have seen this and still still this @No_Smoking. I thought water got in the lens somehow but even brand new units are doing this to me. You’re not losing it.


Are we able to stop the voice prompt from triggering every 10 seconds? I think once or every 10 mins should be ok. I feel like every steps is repeating itself.

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Right now, you only have On and Off for the voice prompt Verbal Warning when the FLP detects a Person. Additionally, the Rules Actions for the Voice Warning are only On and Off as well and there is no way to insert a Wait or Timer function into the rules after turning it Off unless you get very creative using another device.

My creative Go-To device is a Wyze Plug. It has timer functions within its rules triggers. I haven’t implemented and tested this, but it should theoretically work since the Voice Warning is initiated by the Onboard AI and the Rules by the Server. So, it should theoretically announce just before the rule shuts it off.

  1. Rule #1: When FLP detects a Person (Server AI triggered, meaning it has already announced on the cam locally), Turn On Wyze Plug A. (You don’t want to use the Turn On For command, otherwise it will reset the timer to a new duration every time it detects a Person, even when the Warning announcement is off)
  2. Rule #2: When Wyze Plug A Turns On, Turn Off FLP Verbal Warning.
  3. Rule #3: When Wyze Plug A Has Been On for 10m (time variable), Turn Wyze Plug A Off.
  4. Rule #4: When Wyze Plug A Turns Off, Turn On FLP Verbal Warning.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t but I will have to double check that. After peeling off the lens film I usually wipe it off too. Maybe I forgot this time. I’ll try and check it this week and get back to this post.

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