Floodlight cam alerting stationary vehicle

I just installed the floodlight cam but I keep getting notifications about my stationary vehicle in my driveway. How do I stop it??

Currently the AI scans everything in frame (excluding detection zones) when theres motion. this means if a tree blows and theres a parked car, you will get a vehicle alert. Wyze is working hard on making moving vehicle detection a thing, but atm its not.

You can put a detection zone blocking the spot the car is parked and it will ignore that. Also, use detection zones for trees and stuff to limit false events.

Detection zones are the the cams setting > detection settings > detection zone. The dark gray boxes are ignored zones.

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But then if I’m not home and someone parks in that spot it won’t notify me right?

That’s true. One solution is to consider scheduling the notifications to happen during certain times (when you’re away from home) and mute when you are home. You can even do it automatically based on your location (mute alerts while you’re home and unmute them when you leave home). Then that won’t happen. The downside is that it would then mute ALL alerts for that camera, not just vehicle notifications. So it kind of depends what matters most to you right now.

As IEatBeans said, Wyze is working on having it detect JUST moving vehicles, but we don’t have an ETA on that launch date yet, so the above are the workarounds some people use for now.


If you can block out just the spot its parked in, but still have some area where the car has to drive by to get to the parking spot, like the beginning of your driveway, you will still get alerts.

Ahhh. I can try that. Thanks.

Wow. This aspect really sucks. So I pulled my trash cans in front of my gate (until I bring them inside later) and with the cans sitting there I get an alert every couple of minutes about the same thing. It’s like this system will drive my behavior just to stop the freaking alerts! I don’t want to black out everything bc that will ultimately defeat the purpose. Is this what we can expect from AI?

It really does suck. I have to turn off notifications all the time because it is constantly alerting to shadows from the trees swaying in the wind.