Floodlight with cam v3 keeps continuous alerts

So does anyone else have a problem with there floodlight with cam v3 keep alerting that there is a vehicle in your driveway, when it’s your vehicle and it hasn’t moved. When light is triggered and it picks up reflection, yep vehicle still in driveway.
Any way to fix issue other than turning off vehicle alerts?

At this time, that is the way it works. Any motion will trigger an event then the AI checks the ENTIRE frame for any AI object, not just whatever was moving. So if there is a parked car in view of the camera then it will detect the parked car too.

They have developed a new prototype to ignore all stationary objects and only detect on moving AI objects, but it is currently in testing and hasn’t been released to Cam Plus yet.

We are all anxious for that update to graduate to public release, but for now, your options are to either turn off notifications for vehicles or to set up a detection zone and block out where you park your car so the AI will ignore it…the downside of that is that you will not get an alert if a person approaches your car because it’s in the blocked out zone. So I personally suggest just turning off vehicle notifications for now.


Thanks for quick reply

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