Fix-It Friday - 11/3/2023

Great explanation.

An example use case where is extremely convenient is if like you noticed something is stolen, or in my case a pot was broken, you can watch the slideshow, pause as soon as the pot breaks, and then switch to the timeline and watch the full event.

It’s much much faster than waiting for events to load, scrolling and scrolling, and watching each one.


Both Pan V3s, down again. Jesus Christ.

Pan V3 Cam 1 Log: 1224685
Pan V3 Cam 2 Log: 1224687

Lol, this was reported in an AMA back in January (and replied to) and almost a year later I’m sitting here submitting logs every day:


Thanks for posting this SlabSlayer !!!
This stuttering on event playback has been aggravating us for a while now!
Some folks turn OFF “Record Sound” under the advanced settings because of legal reasons.
It stutters on every V3 Pro AND V3 cameras because I have the “Record Sound” turned OFF. They play fine from Webview, just not through the Android App event player. Hopefully this is just an App fix and not firmware.

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The thumbnail feature was one that I had just started to use too, glad I had not had time to grow dependent on it!

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This is an issue we know about and are working on. We have found the root cause and are putting in a fix, It may be in the current 2.47 beta, if it did not make it there it should be in the public release.


Jason, thank you!
You are always nice to hear from!


Users have been reporting that the Language within their app is a mix of French, Spanish, and English. This problem has been present for some time across multiple app versions.


When is was fixed , I will take unlimited subscription else I don’t understand Spanish (will like to learn, but not time yet ) .

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yes, you need to fix this old language problem.

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FIX the BOUNDING BOX creating which causes FALSE POSITIVES within the DZ bounds.


The bounding box math is creating boxes too huge, thus it trips the DZ.

Shrinking the DZ and/or camera position changes would invalidate the use of the camera.

The backend AI software needs to reduce the size of this huge honking box. Maybe check is the DZ trip less than 10%, then NOT AN ALERT… something…

But its flawed.

[Mod Edit]: Adjusted link to point to top of referenced topic for complete issue context.

An update on an issue posted above.

I just tested all V3 Cams: on prior FW, Manually Updated to new FW, and Auto Updated to new FW. It appears that the recalcitrant cams receiving the new FW Auto Update are now back in the business of sending Cam Rule Automation Smart Upload Event Push Notifications.

Thank you, Wyze! :pray::+1::heart::grin:


any updates on Google Home not streaming Wyze cams? I have 9 cams (all models from past 2 years) that will not stream. I submitted Mac addresses for them all 2 weeks ago as requested.

We should get an update on that on Friday.

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I’m having same issue with the disconnecting CamPanV3…but also with video doobell v2 as well.

I submitted a support ticket and logs, explained it broke on firmware version change and support claimed there was no known issue…but here I am finding it in the forums.

Apparently they don’t actually check the “submit logs” thing unless you specify the submission number to them. If it’s still happening to you, we need more people submitting - reply with your log numbers here as it happens, but make sure you submit another support ticket, say it’s for the “Pan Cam V3 not reconnecting” issue, and give them the MAC addresses for any applicable cams. Apparently they need the MAC addresses.


:person_raising_hand: Hit by the English/French/Spanish mixup bug since a few months ago.


I gave them the log#'s and MAC addresses. I guess I’ll try to post here when it happens similar to how you have been.

I would hope the logs include the mac address already in the info, but ok… :slight_smile:

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If I pick doorbell v1 view only in the camera group mode, it opens it in 480p and not HD (or the last config set). All firmwares up to date, using iphone 13.

Might be an iOS isolated issue. Opening the VDBv1 on FW from within a group in Android Production opens it to Live Stream in HD.

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